Avo Ale Mockup[2].png
Avo Ale Mockup[2].png


There are two things we know Aussies love to enjoy on a warm afternoon... a delicious Australian Avocado and a crisp cold beer.

That's why we've partnered with Australian Avocados to bring two Aussie icons together to make this summer even better.

Straight from the tree to the esky, our Aussie Avo Ale is a refreshing full bodied, cream ale brewed with fresh Australian Avocados. To complement this, we've added a generous dry hopping for a tropical pillowy experience.

Best served cold with friends alongside an Aussie avo-packed guacamole or one of the many avo recipes you can find at Australianavocados.com.au 

ABV 5.4

IBU 20

Malt - Pale, Ale, Oats, Wheat

Hops - Eclipse, Vic secret

MISC - Avocados, lemon.

Available online - Here