It's no lie we love the beach living on the east coast of Australia. There are days when we put down the mash paddle and soak up what our beautiful beaches have to offer - Sun, sand, waves and everything in between. If only we could live in this coastal haze forever.....

But back to work and we've brought a little piece of paradise with us.

This beer takes us back to those coastal sunny days with its huge tropical aromas, hazy - sandy appearance and juicy finish. The abv has been dialed back whilst still keeping that soft pillowy mouthfeel. Not only this but we've blended some of the newest hops to come out of America and Australia with older classics that have proven their worth time and time again.

ABV 5.1%

IBU 20

Malt - Pilsner, Malted Oats, Vienna, Rolled Wheat.

Hops - Galaxy, Mosaic, HPA 016, Sabro.

OldForest_GK_mock copy.png


This dark ale is our spin on an Aussie classic. A beer that's full of flavour for the colder months but still remains session-able. With dark beers comes complex malt bills but we have kept this one quite simple with just an added touch of individuality. Dry hopped with Australian and New Zealand hops to give it that fresh earthy feel, we'll have you dreaming of old forests in no time

ABV 4.9%

IBU 20

Malt - Pale, Munich, Roasted Wheat, Dark Forest Rye

Hops - Topaz, Cascade, Motueka



This beer is a rewind to when craft beer styles were much simpler. When you ordered an IPA, you expected to get something between the lines of big, bitter, piney, resinous and full of citrus. The body had a slight maltiness to it and you most likely you could still see through it. A time when most were only just starting to explore craft beer and everything was new and exciting. We hope it is as nostalgic for you as it is for us, more importantly we hope you have a

Good Day.

ABV 6.8%

IBU 57

Malt - Voyager compass, Vienna, Voodoo, Wheat.

Hops - Citra, Amarilo, Centenniel, Simcoe.