We’ve teamed up with fellow locals – Abstract coffee to create this wintery little number. This beauty has a subtle malt bill with just enough chocolate and roasted malts to compliment the beer whilst not overpowering the generous additions of single origin - Ethiopian Guji coffee beans. The coffee was added late in the fermentation to achieve results similar to a cold brew. Doing this imparts all of the delicious coffee flavour and aroma without the added bitterness you get from brewing the coffee with heat.

We think it’s the perfect blend between a Single-O cold brew and a classical old school brown ale. The result leaving you with a discerning confusion on where your morning cuppa finishes and your afternoon bevvie begins.

IBU - 20

ABV - 5.8%





Sabro Sunset NEIPA radiates with an opaque orange haze. Sabro dominates, but with a splash of Samba, together they leave a juicy sunrise dripping with notes of pineapple and coconut. 

Triple the dry hopping, double the oats, insert style correct yeast and you have yourself one heck of a New England style IPA. Have you noticed how beautiful sunsets in winter are? Hopefully now you do.

IBU 25

ABV 7%

Malt - Voyager Pale, Vienna, Wheat, malted and rolled Oats

Hops - Sabro, Samba



This wild but not so wild kettle sour is fruited with native Australian Illawarra plum and strawberry gum straight from our backyard. Lightly soured to brighten the unique flavour of the Illawarra plum which adds a somewhat light pine and grape quality. The Strawberry gum, a eucalyptus tree gives the beer its lovely herbal strawberry aroma. Pouring a light ruby colour it looks like it could even be healthy but don't hold us to that.

Spring has sprung so enjoy what our beautiful country has to offer. Drink local, drink native.

IBU 15

ABV 4.5%

MALT - German pilsner, wheat, oats

MISC - Illawarra plum, Strawberry Gum



There are two things we know Aussies love to enjoy on a warm afternoon... a delicious Australian Avocado and a crisp cold beer.

That's why we've partnered with Australian Avocados to bring two Aussie icons together to make this summer even better.

Straight from the tree to the esky, our Aussie Avo Ale is a refreshing full bodied, cream ale brewed with fresh Australian Avocados. To complement this, we've added a generous dry hopping for a tropical pillowy experience.

Best served cold with friends alongside an Aussie avo-packed guacamole or one of the many avo recipes you can find at 

ABV 5.4

IBU 20

Malt - Pale, Ale, Oats, Wheat

Hops - Eclipse, Vic secret

MISC - Avocados, lemon.


The silly season is upon us, so we’ve gone and brewed a double dry hopped, hazy double IPA. Big on Juice, big on hops and big on Jingle. Will go with just about any dish your family gathering can come up with, whether it be a leg of ham or shrimp on the barbie. This tropical treat will give you a sense of holiday even if you're stuck at home this summer.
Share it with the fam and friends or reserve it for that cool Uncle who you rarely get to see. Just don't drink too many of these on your own or Christmas could get a little blurry.
It's been a crazy year, so from the team at Grassy Knoll, tin
responsibly and have a Merry Hoppy Christmas!

ABV 8.2%

IBU 25

MALT - Pale, Oats, Vienna, Wheat, Chit malt

HOPS - NZH 107, Eclipse, Citra




For our second instalment of our sunset series we've gone with a big favourite of ours: Idaho 7.

Named for its home state, this late maturing hop radiates with juicy tropical and stone fruits, supported by sticky pine and notes of black tea.

Apart from the change of hops expect the beer to have that same malt finish and hazy light orange colour. Triple the dry hops, double the oats, style appropriate yeast and you got another banger.

Best enjoyed over a sunset!

ABV 7%

IBU 23

MALT - Voyager Pale, Vienna, Wheat, malted and rolled Oats

HOPS - Cryo Idaho 7, Citra



After many a yarn over a beer with our mates from Papi's, we just couldn't say no to brewing this mutant of a beer. This beer has something for everyone: It's big, it's thick, it's hazy, it's sour and it's even gluten reduced.

We've started with a big oat filled malt bill, kettled soured it for two days and then added copious amounts of whirlpool hops along with Native Lemon Myrtle right from Papi's backyard!

It's super lemony on the nose and tongue with a sharp citrus acidity. To add complexity to this we've dry hopped it with a bunch of our favourite hops which complements the strong lemon myrtle finish.

At 7% probably best to not drink this while practicing with your ninja nunchucks. Cowabunga!

ABV 7%

IBU 12

MALT - Voyager Pale, Malted oats, Chit malt

HOPS - Lemondrop, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria 

MISC - Lemon Myrtle 

OatCream - Mockup 1.png

Juicy and creamy, juicy and creamy, juicy and creamy. As the GK brew team wake from their daydream, this beer might just be their dreamiest beer to date. The copious amounts of Strata balanced off with a smooth Oat Malt addition and milk sugar sweetness is just heaven. If you like pineapple, this is a straight up juicy tropical pineapples punch that maintains a light body regardless of the extra sweetness. The yeast gives the body an extra softness while the haze is there but just enough to
make your friends think you're cool. But you are already cool in our books, so like you, keep this beer cool and drink fresh.


ABV 6.7%

IBU 20

MALT - Pale, Oats, Wheat

HOPS - Strata, Citra


FreshCoast - Mockup 1.png

We love freshly harvested hops almost as much as we love supporting locals. Brewing with only Ryefield hops and Voyager malts has been a love affair we've had for a long time. After a few hours driving down from Wollongong, we picked and brought back the fresh hops to brew with them the very next day. The Cascade and Centennial wet hops give the beer an earthy and floral characteristic, with hints of pineapple and pine. The malt bill is light and flavourful from the use of Vienna and Munich malts.
Drink fresh and enjoy this locally grown, locally brewed West Coast style IPA.

ABV 6.5%

IBU 28

MALT - Pale, Munich, Vienna, Wheat

HOPS - Centenniel, Cascade




Take a sip and ride this magical midnight unicorn. Zappa will take you through pillowy clouds over a tropical hop filled landscape. When making the decent we will be entering some turbulence with light roasted malts then gently landing at our smooth and creamy lactose filled destination.

Enjoy with Music - Enjoy Fresh

ABV 6.9%

IBU 23

MALT - Pale, Oats, Wheat, Sinamar

HOPS - Zappa, Amarillo, Sabro


Boot Scootin' Hazy Pale ale

This hazy pale ale is loaded with hops from a very special partnership between Yakima Chief Hops and Pink boots Society. The partnership is a global nonprofit organisation dedicated to women in the brewing profession. The creation of the annual ‘Pink boots blend’ has been carefully selected by members from around the world and sales proceeds go towards scholarship funds for women in beer.

The blend consists of Cashmere, Loral, Ahtanum, Citra and Sabro, creating a blend with tropical, herbal, citrus & woody aromatic qualities. This sits nicely over the golden naked oats and honey malt to give it a smooth and sweet mouthfeel. Best Enjoyed in your favourite pink boots or any of your favourite boots for that matter.

ABV 5.6%

IBU 18

MALT - Pale, Vienna, Golden naked oats, Honey malt

HOPS - Pink Boots blend

GK Juice mockup.png


Inspired by one of our favourite breakfast beverages, we’ve created a ‘double dry beaned’ Coffee Stout. Using coffee from our friends - Delano Coffee, the beans have been added fresh from the roaster and straight into the fermentor the very same day. All topped off with a smooth roasted malt finish.

ABV 7.8%

IBU 25

MALT - Voyager compass, voodoo, roasted wheat, chocolate, naked and rolled oats

HOPS - Pacifica NZ

MISC - Delano coffee blend 


Inspired by one of our favourite breakfast beverages, we’ve created a ‘double dry hopped’ Double IPA. Nectaron, Strata and Riwaka hops have been used late in the brewing process for that juicy hop flavour and aroma. All topped off with a soft pillowy finish.

ABV 8%

IBU 15

MALT - Voyager Atlas, Vienna, Malted Oats, Wheat

HOPS - Nectaron, Strata, Riwaka



In 2017, Yakima Chief Hops launched a line of innovative hop products known as Cryo Hops® - a cryogenic hop-processing technology that separates whole cones into two components—concentrated lupulin and bract. By maximising concentrations of the most impactful and complementary hop compounds, Yakima Chief offer an incredibly powerful hop pellet that creates a true ‘pop’ of aromas in the beer. The Cryo Pop™ Original Blend delivers massive tropical, stone fruit, and citrus aromas. And what better beer to showcase all this than over our Sunset series of New England IPA’s.


ABV 7%

IBU n/a

MALT Voyager Atlas, Munich, Malted and Rolled oats, Wheat

HOPS Yakima Chiefs Cryo Hop blend



Take a deep breath and plunge yourself in to this cold new style. A malt base that is more akin to a pilsner while the hop load is that of a west coast IPA. The fermentation stays at a cold temperature for that clean, crisp flavour and finally the hops have been ‘cold dipped’ - a technique used with the whirlpool hop editions to bring out maximum flavour. It’s basically the Wim Hof method of brewing beer.  


ABV 6.6
IBU 23
Malt Voyager Atlas, cara pils
Hops Mosaic, Citra, Sabro




This Oat Cream has been dialled back to be a more sessionable sipper for the warmer weather. Loaded up with a ton of lactose and punchy Aussie hops for a tropical filled, creamy delight. It’s a big beer in a little ABV body with basically more ‘pillowyness’ than a slumber party. Best enjoyed with mates at your next sleepover.


ABV 5.5%

IBU n/a

Malt - Voyager schooner, Vienna, malted oats, rolled wheat and oats

Hops - Eclipse, Vic secret, Topaz



Triple dry hopped with Lotus, Sultana and El Dorado hops, we couldn’t resist the acronym that might have you questioning what’s really in this. There might be the odd chance of tasting the rainbow from the tropical forward hops or a fuzzy feeling from the juicy malt body, but we can assure you that’s about as far as it goes.


ABV 7.3%

IBU 18

Malt - Voyager pale, Wheat, Oats

HOPS - Lotus, Sultana, El Dorado



For our New Years resolution we are committing to brewing the best beer we can and we thought this beer is one to kick it off. A straight up summer, hazy IPA to celebrate new beginnings and good times. Motueka, Strata and Sabra hops will send you into a tropical filled delight while you try and stay true to your own resolutions.

ABV 6.7%

IBU 15

Malt - Voyager Pale, Atlad, Malted oats, Rolled wheat

HOPS - Motueka, Strata, Sabro