Grassy Knoll started with two friends jamming and playing music together. Inspired by the iconic Grassy Knoll in Nth Bondi, an area known for it's melting pot of culture, music and good times so it was only fitting to name the company after it. Our primo beer off the block - The Session ale was born to quench the thirst of an impromptu jam session, a relaxing day at the beach and everything in between.

Like any good journey, we couldn't sit still, so a year on from where we left off, we made our way up to the mid north coast, to a small town called Bowraville. 'Bowra' is where owner and head brewer Jeff Argent grew and so the release of our second core range beer 'Valley Mid' is homage to the area. A homage to those small rural communities with friendly faces and picturesque landscapes. 

For our third instalment we have headed even further north to where our new business partner resides in Brisbane. The Pacific IPA an all aussie hopped IPA and is a thank you to the amazing support we have received in the sunny city. Bursting with flavour but still light enough to quench your thirst in the hot climate of Queensland. 

Fast forward to the present and we have found ourselves (well half the team) living in the beautiful Wollongong area. Whilst we still contract brew, most of our beers are now brewed from a shared space at Bulli brewing - Unanderra. This has given us a much needed opportunity to keep a close eye on the brewing process and produce small batch limited release beers that we can really have fun with. 

Stay tuned on our ever evolving journey and we hope to meet you along the way.


Anywhere, Anytime.