Funnily enough it was flamenco music that brought the founders of the Grassy Knoll together. Two musicians, a shared passion for music, the Bondi community and awesome beers which then evolved quite organically into the two starting their very own brewing company.

The Grassy Knoll was founded by Chris, with a background in creative events and owner of a live music venue in Bondi, and Jeff with a colourful history of music and backyard brewing. The Grassy Knoll actually started there in the backyard, with a ‘membership’ scheme that covered the costs of brewing. But the demand soon started to grow beyond what could be brewed on a small homebrew setup and it became clear that he had to change his tactics. Chris, an avid member of ‘the club’, joined forces with Jeff, and they decided to start Bondi’s first brewing company.

Their deep ties to the Bondi community, the good times and epic sunsets from the ‘Grassy Knoll’ in Nth Bondi has inspired both the name and the vibes that the beers take on. Grassy Knoll beers are for those moments when you’re simply just living it up and making those memories count, anytime.