Carefully crafted to provide an easy drinking pale ale with just the right amount of flavour and aroma to keep things interesting. It serves up a mid to dry body with a simple malt bill and a lower then average abv. The lighter malt bill gives the perfect platform for the American west coast hops to shine through. It's tropical and fruity but not too fruity, just enough to compliment the summer good times. Good stuff. 

IBU 19

ABV 4.2

MALT - Voyager Compass, Vienna, Wheat 

HOPS - Mosaic, Citra, Azacca 


This is a SMaSH Lager! Using only a single malt variety and a single hop variety for the recipe. We have used Voyager malts from NSW and gone with their Atlas variety for that clean crisp pilsner taste. For the hop variety we have used Mandarina Bavaria - a new world German hop that we think is perfect for the Australian pallet. To follow up with our German homage, we went with a classic German yeast strain for that classic finish. 

This beer is a SMaSHable lager finishing dry with a tinge of tangerine and citrus from late kettle hop additions. Drink it cold for every occasion. Anywhere Anytime. 

IBU 23

ABV 4.8

MALT - Voyager Atlas

HOPS - Mandarina Bavaria 


Pacific isn't a name we wanted to throw around lightly but we just thought it suits this perfectly. It's relatively easy drinking compared to your typical IPA, with an all Australian malt and Hop line up. Perhaps it's the love child of the classic Pacific ale and a tasty American east coast IPA. To put it simply, it's an Aussie IPA that's for sure! But what about the beer you ask?

Its big on tropical hop flavours and aroma from heavy hitting Australian hops grown down in Tassie. Not only that but we've double dry hopped it just to be sure your not missing out on those explosive mango and pineapple aromas. The malt bill gives it a smooth, mildly dry finish with a sunburnt hazy appearance. The bitterness is there but just enough so you can sneak in another. 

Anyway, enough chit chat - Knock em' down.

IBU 32

ABV 6%

MALT - Voyager Atlas, Munich, Wheat, Oats

HOPS - Galaxy, Ella, Vic Secret, Enigma